AKAINA GHOSH has had their theatrical writings produced by numerous Bay Area theaters including PlayGround, Killing My Lobster, and Amios West. Their work has also been showcased by several festivals, including the national ​Trans [Plays] of Remembrance Festival, the Short Lived Festival, and the Atlantic One Act Festival.

Akaina was awarded the June Anne Baker Prize in 2022 by PlayGround for their work in political theater, and they were featured in 3 Girls Theatre's Innovator's Series Festival for two consecutive years in 2019 and 2020.  

In 2019 Akaina was awarded a Fellowship in Sketch Comedy Writing, and in 2020 became the Co-Director of Writing Education at Killing My Lobster. They taught classes to adults seeking to further their writing skills through the form of Sketch Comedy.  

Akaina Ghosh



Character Assassination 
     PlayGround's New Works Festival, PlayGround San Francisco – 2023

It’s All in My Head
     June Anne Baker Prize Commission, PlayGround San Francisco – 2022

Two Coins for the Ferryman: An Immersive Quest (Co-Written with Madison Wetzell)
     Innovators Series Festival, 3 Girls Theatre – 2020
     Innovators Series Festival, 3 Girls Theatre – 2019

Sita’s Gift (Co-Written with Amy Sass)      
     New Play Commission, Prospect Sierra – 2018

The Bacchae: Madwomen Only (Co-Created with Madison Wetzell)
     Liar Liar Theater Collective – 2017


In Search of An Ending                 Best of PlayGround, San Francisco – 2022
In Search of An Ending                 Monday Night PlayGround, San Francisco – 2021
Seeing in the Dark                        30/30 Vision Series, Shotgun Players – 2021
Chai                                            Dragon Eggs, Dragon Productions Theater Company – 2021
Blended Histories                           Best of PlayGround, San Francisco – 2021
Matchmaker                                 Atlantic One Act Play Festival, Atlantic Acting School – 2021
Split                                             Trans [Plays] of Remembrance Festival, HowlRound – 2020
A Modern Odyssey                       Monday Night PlayGround, San Francisco – 2020
Spurs & Studs                                Playing at the Intersection of Pride & Joy, TigerBear Productions – 2020
There Are No Ghosts in India          From the Ground Up, TheatreFIRST – 2019

Therapy                                       Monday Night PlayGround, San Francisco – 2019
Learning How to Die                      Short Lived, PianoFight – 2019
A Woman Like That                     PlayGround – 2019
Hayden & Gabriel                          PlayGround – 2019
Too Much Faith                             Amios West Presents: Shotz – 2019
The Baby in the Sofa                      Amios West Presents: Shotz – 2018
Boylesque                                      Amios West Presents: Shotz – 2018
Drag Family Sticks Together            Amios West Presents: Shotz – 2018
Bruises                                           PlayGround – 2018
Ceci n’est pas une fountaine             Amios West Presents: Shotz – 2017
Cross Words                                  Amios West Presents: Shotz – 2017

Walking on Eggshells                     Amios West Presents: Shotz – 2017


My Parents Came to America and All They Got Was a Kid Who Does Comedy – 2022
Let’s Do the Sex – Head Writer, 2022
The Fireside Project: Nana’s House – 2021
Snowed In – 2019

June Anne Baker Prize (2022)                                          PlayGround                                            

Innovator’s Series Award (2020)                                      3 Girls Theatre                                        
Innovator’s Series Award (2019)                                       3 Girls Theatre